19 May 1919, The day is the day that was burned the fire of Independence!

With the Sevres treaty, the imperialists had began to split the Ottoman Empire. Mustafa Kemal who was the lieutenant colonel at that time and his officer friends who have disobeyed the order of Ottoman Sultan, who subservient to the imperialists, have resigned, and May 16, 1919 at midnight they departed to Anatolia from the Istanbul over Black Sea to with Bandirma ferry.

24 people inside this small ferry, have set foot on city of Samsun by passing between British ships the morning of May 19.

1927, 15-20 October, Ataturk have read “NUTUK” which was written by Ataturk’s speech in parliament for 5 days. Ataturk’s speeches “NUTUK” is the one single book in world history about its area and its about 900 pages. All the days of the liberation war were individual notes and were recorded documents on the war days by Ataturk. And it starts with saying:

“19th day of May 1919, I came to Samsun. The general situation and view: The situation of the Ottoman Empire defeated in World War I, the Ottoman army had received wound on each side, it have signed a heavy conditions ceasefire agreement, people are tired and in a poor state, during the years of Great War … ”

And Nutuk finishes with “Ataturk’s address to the Turkish youth”:

“Turkish Youth! Your first duty is to preserve and to defend Turkish Independence and the Turkish Republic forever…

In the future, too, there may be malevolent people at home and abroad, who will wish to deprive you of this treasure. If some day you are compelled to defend your independence and your Republic, you must not hesitate to weigh the possibilities and circumstances of the situation before doing your duty…

The enemies conspiring against your independence and your Republic may have behind them a victory unprecedented in the annals of the world. It may be that, by violence and trickery, all the fortresses of our beloved fatherland may be captured, all its shipyards occupied, all its armies dispersed and every corner of the country invaded. And sadder and graver than all these circumstances, those who hold power within the country may be in error, misguided and may even be traitors. Furthermore, they may identify personal interests with the political designs of the invaders. The country may be impoverished, ruined and exhausted. Youth of Turkey’s future, even in such circumstances, your duty is to save Turkish Independence and the Republic!”

This spirit has been protecting its viability for 96 years. This spirit is that spirit which the imperialists which are inside or outside of Turkey fear and could not demolish last 96 years. Perhaps, its words may seem militaristic. However, if you consider that secular Turkey Republic which was established under very difficult conditions as a Muslim country in the geography inside it, and if you evaluate the events according the historical period, you can empathize.

The day of 19 May is celebrated in every year in Turkey as “Commemoration Ataturk and Youth and Sports Day”

Well, why he addressed to the youth?
Because, he trusted the youth. He had always seen the light in the youth.

Happy 19 May, to all youths who resist against the imperialists on the planet Earth!

While humanity is dying on the seven seas…

Rohingya Migrants Stranded At Sea: Death Inches Closer As We Remain Silent  

The images you are about to see perhaps reflect the most insensitive and callous attitude human beings can show towards misery and deprivation caused by our silence, ironically, without being ignorant. Around 400 souls including women and children are dancing around death in a ship in the Andaman Sea since last week, without any food, water, sanitation facilities and healthcare, as no country – Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladesh – wants them on their land.

Reports say that with no food and water available, many desperate voyagers are drinking their urine to survive. Aljazeera reported that a person on board, “went crazy” and jumped to death in the sea.

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The fishermen who spoke to the BBC said that:
“We have been told by Indonesian officers that even the refugees are drowning in front of our eyes, to save them would be illegal.”
Fishermen in Aceh region at last week, had rescued 700 people from the sea.
However, without giving his name, a fisherman, despite this ban, he said that : “They’re human beings, we have to rescue them, we will continue to rescue them”

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8.000 migrants stranded on the sea

According to estimate of International Organization for Migration, IOM, it is believed 8 thousand immigrants stranded in the sea around Myanmar and Bangladesh.

quotes from: http://haber.sol.org.tr/turkiye/arakan-muslumanlari-denizde-hayatta-kalma-savasi-veriyor-116664