Those who are ready to turn their backs on the darkness


As you know my Earthling friends, I had shared the unusual and effective protests of high school students of Turkey against non-scientific and corruption education system, with you four days ago, in this post:

The protests of high school students against corrupt and non-scientific education system

The protests of high school students are also spreading to other schools. If the protests of high school students are flag race, it seems that the flag won’t fall into place:

First: While the principal was giving his speech during the graduation ceremony, Istanbul High School 2016 graduates turned their backs on him to protest to him.

Second: Galatasaray High School student have put an advertisement with the title of “urgently, seeking the new principal”

Third: Graduates of Cagaloglu Anatolian High School published a notice like the other two.

Yesterday and today, the protest reactions continued. Contemporary educational demands of students and their protest against the reactionary layout which wants to surround the students, go on. New high schools are attending in these protest in waves.

Izmir Bornova Anatolian High School- The students have issued an announcement

Istanbul Vefa High School (the title which I used for this post is actually their announcement’s motto, and the full form is as follows) – “We are ready to turn our back on darkness with other schools which are suffering from similar problems!”

Ankara Gazi Anatolian High School students have published a notice too. And as others, they have said they will not surrender to the darkness with the general lines in this notice.

And Kadıkoy Anatolian High School students, they have prepared the notice which you see it’s picture at the top of this post. This notice is quite a sharp wit and satire example. As follows,

The students troubles should have been told at this notice within its without strikeout shape in actually; but when you read with in a shape at the picture, so by scratching out some words of it, as if there is no problem amongst the students and management of school. Some of the words have been removed, it emerged such sentences from the remaining words:

“As the students of Kadıkoy Anatolian High School, our activities which we wanted to organize are supported by managament of school. There is no problem in our school.”

At the bottom corner of the notice, represent seal of school management have been placed, and over the seal there is writing “it was examined”. So shortly, with this notice which these students prepared, they told how the management of school cencored the truths and the truths can be turned into another form by management. This notice of students is short but brilliant and wit expression of their protest.


I cannot reach the speed of high school students protests 🙂 After I added this post, I have seen new ones that joined the others at news portals tonight.

Here are the other high schools students which they published notice that they will stand up against the darkness.
Izmir Cıglı Science High School
Beyoglu Anatolian High School
Notre Dame de Sion High School

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14 thoughts on “Those who are ready to turn their backs on the darkness

  1. Excellent! I wish the same would happen here. But unfortunately, our kids have already been too “dumbed down” and made brain dead by electronics to notice how their schools are raping and pillaging.

    Bravo and Brava to the young men and women of Turkey! And more power to them!

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    • It is promising, you’re right dear sojourner! And when I looked at the young ones, so high school students entire planet, I have thought the same with you and saying myself: “If these are the future of the planet, I should immediate ask to assignment to another planet to Galactic Council.” 🙂 I think we cannot whenever they will raise their heads and will react. Maybe after last computer game will be finished, or after last tweet they have written. I guess, we should trust them, they can make us surprise, even if they seemed that they were late.;)

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  2. I’m so proud of these kids for standing up and getting together to protest for what they believe in! I wish as Sojourner said that American high school students would do the same, but alas many of us are just stuck playing in the system until we have a chance out. It’s not so much that the kids here are dumb, after all I spent 12 years of my life in the American public school system, it’s more of a lack of power and organization. If only more of us felt like we had the power to change things, then we could.

    Take the school paper for example. We are literally a bunch of nerds sitting in the newsroom writing the school paper every six weeks. Our work wasn’t exactly groundbreaking, nor was it crazy good, it was just news stories. But it was our focus and our persistence in pointing out the flaws and injustices with admin, that allowed us to change anything at school if at all. In fact, we managed to change policies, and rally together students with our stories, and now we are getting a new principal because the previous one failed to do their job properly.

    Many, many youths this year got involved in politics as well, bringing together higher turnouts than ever before for voting in the primaries. Part of it is because of the candidates we were rooting for who brought us together, but much of it was our own organization and support. It’s all a matter of feeling like we have a chance to change things. After all, American kids are no different than Turkish kids, it’s just that we have a different way of doing things, and it’s not always easy to do them the way we want, whether it’s changing our schools or changing political policies. (sorry it’s really late here and I’m not sure my answer makes much sense)

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    • I don’t see too much differences between American and Turkish youth or the other youth of countries. Internet communication era provides similarity, maybe not living style but thinking style maybe. So many kids or youths see much more things than the equals of them decade ago. And as I understood from your words, the youth of todays wants to do more thing with own ways and to change some things, at least to feel it. Yes, it is a matter. Actually when thinking dear Ars (as already when I caught smart one of them right now:)) I wonder, do you think what is most important problem of young ones in global scale?

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  3. Thanks Migo 🙂
    Well, I believe one of the biggest issues we’re plagued with right now is with the education system. There’s still huge pressure to exceed standards year after year, and that’s pushing kids over the edge. How can we possibly do anything to change the world when we’re burning out academically before college even starts? I feel like maybe if we lightened the load a bit, we would be able to be a bit more proactive in our communities instead of being holed up studying. This starts early on as well–young children are conditioned to take standardized tests as early as grade 3, and the thought process they develop to solve the questions are narrowly focused leaving little room for creativity. It’s only when kids are older, like around my age when we realize what’s wrong with our education and take our studies into our own hands.

    At the same time, I feel like there’s a huge problem with external pressures and expectations, whether from the adults in our life or the media. We’re bombarded with messages everyday that crush our self esteems and condition us from an early age to think and act a certain way–it’s just easier to control us like that. I mean, when you’re constantly told you’re incapable of doing anything, whether from your parents, or from people making programs on tv, you’re going to start believing it. Something that I really like however, is the positivity movements and support networks that have emerged amongst the youth whether it be online or in person. Everything from different body types to mental health, with social media the youth have found ways to network and join together to unlearn these messages and move forward.

    I guess that’s another thing, mental health. There are reasons why so many kids burn out before college or suffer from problems ranging from anxiety to depression. We’re so focused on trying to achieve high standards while also being faced with the problems the Baby Boomer generation started, that we’re neglecting basic emotional and mental health in the process. I still can’t talk to my own parents about my anxiety issues because they don’t understand the seriousness. It doesn’t help that us kids are called lazy and ungrateful by old people who didn’t have to work half as hard to reach the same level of achievement. Sometimes it’s hard to keep going when there’s so many things to deal with at once.

    I just want older adults to understand that despite all of the negative things they might glean from watching us younger adults and kids, we’re trying as hard as we can to keep up with the ever increasing standards. It’s this lack of communication and understanding that plagues us most as youth. We just want adults to start treating us like we’re capable of running the world, instead of belittling us whilst also expecting us to achieve high standards and excel year after year (sorry, this was super long, I really got into writing this :))

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    • Thank you for your detailed reply dear Ars!

      As much as I understood, non-creative and education system based on rote-learning, and result of these too much test pressure, it does not allow to arise the children’s heads. Such problems in everywhere on the planet, and I think you’re right about problems of kids-youth of mankind. Good determination, dear Ars. And what can be solution of this education-system? Maybe they can be organize and can make a kind of congress for expressing their problems. Is it possible to make this for your perspective?

      And yes, external pressures and expectations are seeing quite often. Is it also the result of wrong education system? If there is healty education system in every angle, these pressure couldn’t be seen probably. Because, in a right and healty education system, kids-youth wouldn’t use and feel themselves such as race horse.

      You said that “I mean, when you’re constantly told you’re incapable of doing anything, whether from your parents, or from people making programs on tv, you’re going to start believing it.” I have seen for months ago a tv program connected with this issue. At the program, a man was giving a speech and saying to depressed person: “you are not important too much for the world, even for your related, if you give up and listen yourself, you can choose another way for you that makes you happy.” It was an US or British program and I don’t remember what was its name. It was for wierd for me. Because at east, people don’t grow up their child like this way. Eastern people grow their child with giving self-confidence and to make them believe that every person is valuable for this world. Of course this is a situation which can be argued, and it can show the alterations according to family structure and education level. But I am mentioning in here, a culture. Also I guess, I could tell what I meant. Western societies are more individualistic, that’s why people can go eaisly in depressive mode at west I guess. Also you know in east, people don’t have much time for depressive mode; in every single day, people are face to face with terror or conflict, to main issue is to survive in here 🙂

      And with this, I am connecting the issue with mental health problems that you mentioned:) Dear Earthling Ars, I think the real necessity in here, instead of focusing on trying to achieve high standards determined by system, to focus on trying to achieve high standarts determined by you (while I am saying “you” I am pointing to so youth and kids). This can take time naturally. But if you remind yourself “what is my goal beyond the layout” with knowing yourself, you can be more feel better and more focus to your life in every angle. And I guess, parents see this issue as temporary situation, kind of overrated youth problems. We cannot blame them, because, they lived in uncomfortable conditions more than todays. They see how much tech involve the people life and see that people are living more comfortable life. And they have to make their warnings; if they don’t, the term of “conflict of generations” will erase over the planet, and this is not a good thing for literature 🙂

      And as an extraterrestrial my humble opinion is, if you want to move away from depressed mode, you should do physical exercise, so it can be any kind of sport. Because people forget that the body of humankind is kind of machine with all bone, respiratory, digestion systems and etc with blood cells and all glands. Mental health actually is connected with all system working. Actually in deep, the brain is warning you when it has been any changing in your body. Also, the human body was invented for moving, not sitting or lying down. Remember the cavemen at first ages of the humankind, they were very healty, becuase of they are hunting all day or they were hunted by dinosaurs and they needed to run away:)) So dear Ars, if people can make more move the body would good response for them;)

      And there is no need to be sorry for long reply or comment(you see my reply too:)), I like all time my Earthling friends conversations short or long it doesn’t make me difference.:))

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  4. Well, I suppose there isn’t a whole lot of stuff we can do besides try to organize ourselves like me and my newspaper classmates did to change the education system, or at least how it’s run. For now I believe we are starting to make progress, although it will take more than a few defiant high school kids to topple a system that starts with young children. It really does help when there are adults in a young person’s life that give them encouragement and acknowledgement, like you and NFR did. Some of my teachers also treated me like an adult and that felt empowering too. It just hurts when some of that pressure comes from home, whether it be a parent or an uncle or aunt. It makes things a little harder hearing it from people that mean a lot to you putting you down.

    As for the depression part, I think that exercise does help, but it’s going to take a lot more than lifestyle changes to make things better. For me personally, I need to see a counselor soon to get things sorted out, so I can get the mental tools I need to feel better. It’s just unfortunate to see how kids are pushed so far or discouraged so much from seeking help that they develop problems like bad anxiety or depression in the first place.

    Although it’s true that perhaps the older generation had a harder life than us in terms of technology, we as the new generation have our own set of challenges the new hardware can’t fix for us. It’s going to take a long time to adjust to these new challenges but I have faith in the other kids and myself, I know we’re going to be able to make things better somehow when we’re in charge 🙂

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    • I like the faith yourself and some youngs like you, dear Ars! I believe you too, like dear NFR, like many friends of mine. Especially the future can be changed or stay same with todays, or some good things can be built or destroyed. Mankind lives without thinking future anymore, just lives for today. That’s why more nature killing, more horror and terror have been experinced.

      Always it will be developed a reactional movement against every each effective case; or maybe that’s why the young ones of human kind will more sensetive for killing of nature and terror events. This is very good for the future of planet! I hope the time will come and that day you will get more healty living planet.

      Hhaha! And, if there will be nothing change when all you, young ones will be in charge, I will remind your words to you 🙂 (Yes as you’ve realised, this, my last sentence has been a pressure of an extraterrestrial on you next the human adults, so whenever we find an opportunity, doesn’t matter being earthling or extraterrestrial, we can make a pressure over youngs; you damn right! This has been a lesson for me and I will try not to do again, sorry :))

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